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    I’ve created a password protected page, but it is not hiding the content attached to that page – from the template builder?

    How can I protect the page [content elements] I’ve created with Angular’s template builder?


    I forwarded the question to Kriesi because I’m not sure if dynamic templates support protected content. Basically WP should handle this automatically but the dynamic template content generation differentiates from the standard generation process. If Kriesi can’t find a solution you can use plugins to work around the problem.


    I’ve tried several WP plugins, but none of them are protecting the content I’ve created with Angular’s template builder.

    This is very important for my project. I want these pages password protected and not indexable by Google.

    Please let me know what Kriesi thinks. Thanks Dude.



    I have just added the feature to the next theme update. it will then be possible to password protect a post that has a dynamic template applied to it. Should be available in the next 24 hours


    Thats great news Kriesi – thank you for adding it to the update.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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