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    I have recently started building websites as a profession. I have built one website so far with woo-commerce and a basic theme and it went nicely. Over the coming weeks and months I intend to start bidding for work to build fully fledged e-commerce store front solutions for businesses.

    My thinking now is that I will build a demo site to showcase the stores I will be creating. I would like to obtain a demo of your themes so that I can build a demo store (definitely the enfold theme, and maybe others, but mainly enfold for the time being).

    The reason I would like the demo is two fold, firstly to demo it in action to prospective clients, and secondly so I can learn how to use it and ensure I have my skills up to the required level before I start suggesting it as a solution to clients.

    In return I can promise to recommend your themese with any solutions I propose as it will be part of my demo store. I can give you the address of the demo store, and it will never be used to sell any products, it will simply be used to allow me to get up to speed with your products and to showcase them to potential clients.

    I would hope that this would be the start of a potentially regular partnership whereby I recommend your products and purchase them on behalf of clients whose sites I build.

    So now that you understand my situation, I wonder if you would consider offering me the ability to use your products at no cost in a demo capacity in an effort that will allow me to sell them to clients and bring you business over the coming months and years (i would hope).

    I can decide on a name for the model shop, and give you the full url etc – if this helps. None of the files you send me will ever be used in a live shop.

    Thanks –

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards


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    Hey Gary!

    I am sorry, but we can’t offer you any free items at the moment. themeforest licensing would require us to create a new account and basically buy our own theme so we can then offer it to you for free which I don’t see happening :)

    I am glad that you like the theme and simply hope that its worth the investment for you :)

    Sorry for that!



    Hi Kriesi, that’s a shame about the odd licencing situation with themeforest, thanks for taking the time to explain.

    Would you mind removing my full name from my original post and my website please, if this thread is publically viewable.

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Have a nice weekend.




    I have edited your name and moved your link to private content field :)

    Best regards,

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