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    I couldn’t find anything here or on ThemeForest. If I missed something, I apologize.

    First off: I love this theme and have had no problems with anything. Unbelievably well-built. It’s set up and running flawlessly.

    I need an HTML5 audio player that’s responsive. I’ve seen one that looks/works brilliantly, but even though it might be as simple as putting a snippet of code into a section, I don’t want to dig around in the backend of Angular.

    Can someone post a link or respond to this with a direction/person that I can pay to have this implemented on the front page?

    Again, I may just be familiar with WP and PHP, but this theme was NOT hard to get up and running, nor was it difficult to build dynamic templates. And, again, forgive me if I’ve missed an area to ask about customs.

    Love it. Cheers,




    Did you try free plugins like: or – the player doesn’t exceed 700px width and therefore should display fine on all mobile devices.

    Best regards,



    No, I haven’t tried those, but I will look at them. The player I’m using now is a jplayer. It’s fantastic!

    Any ideas/help/customization guys to place it on the front page?

    Again, I DO NOT expect anyone to sit here and walk me through something that should be a paid service. I bought the theme and I’m incredibly happy with it, and I do understand/appreciate the time you’re taking to even read this message.


    Hi Rob,

    I’m not familiar with jplayer, but if it can be embedded with HTML, perhaps you could use a Text Area/Callout/Quotes element in the template builder and then place the html code into the text area element.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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