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    I believe you told me this once before but I can’t track down the reply for the life of me. Sorry for having to ask again.

    Could you tell me where in the code to change the pagination plugin? I can’t remember which template page to change.

    I’m having some memory issues where the current pagination doesn’t load on my blog with the additional plugins etc.

    Any help would be appreciated, I would love to install the newest version of the theme I’m just worried about all the customizations I did to the CSS.




    Hey Brandon, if your modifications are only done in the css file I would recommend to redownload the theme and exchange every file except for the style.css file and the css folder. the pagination should work fine then and you will be running the latest version of the theme, wthout any incompatinility issues ;)


    Awesome, is the CSS in the updated theme the same then? If that for some reason wouldn’t work, could you tell me what template file I need to edit to try and use a new pagination plugin? I messed with it once a long time ago and for the life of me can’t remember what page and line of code I needed to tweak.

    Thanks again! I love the theme, and I appreciate they replies I’m sure you’ve got better things to be doing ;) Much appreciated!


    Your safest way to upgrade is to create a second “test” install of WP with your theme and make the changes here. If you go straight into the existing WP install, you might miss things.

    If you continually get memory issues, you may want to consider a better hosting package.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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