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    I am seeing a similar issue in the Eunoia theme that others are experiencing with other themes. multiple pages not working on front page and a 404 on secondary portfolio pages.

    I have read and tried resetting permalinks to default, flushing my htaccess, messing with different pages on the reading setting as well as the frontpage template and the portfolio settings.

    I’m very confused as to why this keeps happening.

    Can you help?



    Hi jay,

    Does it work when you have the permalinks set on default?

    Another thing I typically suggest is contacting your hosting provider and asking them if they can take a look at the issue. Most hosts are familiar with WordPress and the issues permalinks typically have so they may be able to help out on the server side.

    If you have any plugins running while you are trying things out, disable them as well.




    Unfortunately it is not fixed with permalinks set to default. and I’ve disabled plugins to no avail. &

    A strange thing is that I was able to create a new template called Media that pulls portfolio items only form the media category. it works fine with multiple pages.

    I tried limiting the front page template and default portfolio template to one category but it still didn’t work.

    I will contact my host provider, but any advice assistance you can provide would be most helpful.



    Hey Jay,

    In your theme settings go to the Portfolio tab and take a look at the first field there. Double check that the slug name you have entered in there is not the same as any other page on your site. If it is, even if the page or post is in the trash you’ll need to change the slug name to something unique.

    IE – “portfolio” in that space and a page named “Portfolio” would cause issues. Or “our-products” there and a page called “Our Products”.




    Good morning Devin :::…

    I have the slug “portfolio-item” on that Portfolio tab and no other use of that slug anywhere else on the site (categories, pages, posts, etc.).

    I tried changing that slug to something completely unique (jibberish) and it still didn’t paginate. I also tried changing the permalinks back to default with the unique slug in place – and that doesn’t work.

    I’m a little dead in the water here as I need to get this site up and running asap.

    is there anyway that I can create a user for you and have you take a look to see if I am doing something incorrectly?

    please let me know. and thanks.

    I love this theme..Jay


    Hi again :::…

    I think I am onto something.

    I’m seeing something different now. The pagination is working on my portfolio page. I think this might have been the slug issue which I think may be resolved :: :: thank you very much.

    when you click on the the pagination it delivers an URL :: – which makes sense.

    However, the front page which pulls from multiple portfolio categories (and mirrors the portfolio) still does not work correctly. I’m seeing that it is going to the page :: – when I click on page 3 in pagination at the bottom – which doesn’t actually exist.



    Hi again.

    I really hate to complicate matters, but I’m seeing new weirdness with the pagination on the portfolio page. While it does indeed work now, the filtering is messed up. Selecting a filter only shows you items in that category from the page you are viewing. For example, from page one on the portfolio if you select “for sale” only page one items appears, because the filter is only being applied to that page. Selecting page two resets the filter to “all”. This is obviously a problem if I’m trying to make it easy for people to quickly identify what is available for sale etc.



    Hey Jay,

    The filtering issue is actually nothing we can fix. It is limited to only filtering objects that are currently visible and loaded into the page. If it were to filter all your portfolio items it would severely impact page performance each time a user clicked a category. Kriesi’s official word on this since it has been asked about many times has been if he finds a way to do it without effect performance he would look into implementing it.

    As to the other issues, it could be that your htaccess file just needed to be or still needs to be completely regenerated. WordPress has an issue with that and it so far has not been fixed in the past few updates.

    See: scroll down until you see “Paged Navigation Doesn’t Work”,




    Hi Devin :::…

    I followed the instructions on the link you sent, but I’m still seeing the issue on the frontpage portfolio pagination.

    It would be great if this feature was implemented in a future version of your theme.

    thanks for trying.

    I was able to create a workaround using the tools we had. I was able to create a look-a-like nav menu similar to the sortable on each type of portfolio category. What I did was use the template builder to create a new template for each category item. then I added a text area that shows the portfolio menu and then I added a portfolio section that only pulls from that specific category. Rinse and repeat for each category. Then I created distinct pages for each category type that uses the corresponding template for that category. ET voila. what you wanted.

    You can see the results here ::

    Thanks again…Jay

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