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    I have an issue where the pagination does not work on a blog block on my frontpage. It is working in my news page.


    Does not work:

    I am childtheming Coherence Version:1.0.2


    Updated to v. 1.3 still the same problem. I am using Yoast SEO Plugin but i doubt that this is the cause.


    Hi Maratino,

    Try going to your Settings>Permalinks and changing the option to default. Save and then check the pagination on your homepage and blog again.

    I would also recommend disabling any active plugins you have running to make sure nothing is conflicting with the base theme functions.




    Sorry, I need to get back on this one…

    Pagination within the Blog Section on my Template Builder page will not work.


    The problem got nothing to do with Permalinks-Settings and i doubt it’s plugin-related – tested to switch them of.



    Try following – go to Settings > Reading and set your blog page as “static front page”.

    Best regards,



    I did, no success.


    can you post an example that is working? i could not find one in the demo.


    Just to rule out the permalink issue, change your permalink settings to default and then try it again. You can see the blog pagination here in the demo:

    Typically however this is an issue with permalinks and/or as Peter suggested the specific wordpress setup of using the front page set by the theme vs wordpress.

    See: and scroll down to “Paged Navigation Doesn’t Work”.


    sorry, page navigation on my blog works!

    it’s just the blog section that is on my homepage that does not!

    can you post me an example where the blog section pagination within a template builder page works? (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /88148d85653066e3eb8b6ac3ae224344


    There isn’t a live example on the theme demo but I just tested it on my live test installation with WordPress 3.5.2 and Coherence 1.5.

    Have you tried the troubleshooting tips from the codex? Have you also tried changing your permalinks to default and see if it works then?


    Yes, i tried the permalink settings back and forth several times.

    How can it be permalink-related if this works:

    Maybe it’s a plugin problem. I am going to test some more in a local setup.


    Just to be clear, it does or does not work when you set your permalinks to default?


    Hi Devin,

    the pagination on my blog page (news) always works:

    It’s the Template Builder Blog element on my homepage that will not paginate!! (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /88148d85653066e3eb8b6ac3ae224344


    I understand the issue but you are not actually answering my question. The issue can definitely be that your permalinks are having an issue which is why I’m asking you to set it to default and test again.

    Please only respond if you’ve done that.


    Hi Devin, I’ve switched the settings back and forth several times. It does NOT work with permalinks default settings.

    Anyway I’ve installed the theme locally and without my other plugins and my childtheme the pagination does work. I will dig in some more…


    Okay, if it doesn’t work with default settings it has nothing to do with the theme and as you’ve found is either a plugin conflict or something within the child theme setting.

    But this is why I wanted to check if it worked with the default settings. Hopefully you can pinpoint the difference between the local and live version.




    I have the same problem. Why I might ask would pagination work on a category page and not on the front page, it couldn’t be a plugin or permalinks as those things are site wide. I just changed my front page to a plain product overall display page so I would like it to page otherwise I’ll have to have all 80 or so products show on the front page.



    @maratino – I see pagination working on your site now. Can you please speculate on what you’ve done to get it working again? I see this page is the main blog and then clicking the little 2 and 3 pagination numbes on the bottom displays the correct pagination pages using correct dates.

    Try setting the Blog Setting in Coherence > Theme Options > to be the home page, and for the news page create a dynamic template using the blog element with these settings …




    actually I wasn’t able to make the pagination work on the front page so I changed over to using woo commerce featured products and recent product list and then provided an info link to see more…. It was a little disappointing since I had worked out a new look for the front page but after awhile I give up, I just can’t spend endless hours getting the website to do what I want it to. Eventually I think that this type of thing will become less buggy and more customization will be click and go, at least that is where it needs to be instead of expecting business people to all become coding machines. Thanks for your help Debbie

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