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    I love the coalition template which i just recently bought.

    As i could not find any documentation about the coalition theme other than what is mentioned on the demo coalition theme site. (i found a link with documentation but it was broken)

    Iam clueless to what is happening right now in the setup of my website.

    I added 4 pages to the 1 page portfolio, and added page section for each page.

    Then i used the default scrolling option.

    I can see the link in the menu, but how do you make it to show the correct page in a scrolling kind of way?

    the first 2 links in the menu are links but that is because i couldt figure out how to do it, and also so you can understand my problem better.

    Could you please help me, what am i doing wrong here? iam trying to make it look exactly as the demo site (one page scrolling)

    The website is at:

    many thanks!


    Hi funtastix,

    I’m not quite sure I know what you mean. When you add in content to the one-page portfolio template it will then output it automatically to the site.

    If you want, I can login and take a look at what you have now to get a better idea of whats going on. Just create a temporary account for me and send the information to my email at DevinVinson (at) Make sure to include a link to this topic so that my spam filter doesn’t grab it :)




    Hi Davin,

    Well i went a little more through your documentation and then got to understand it a bit more!

    its working now, thanks for your help!

    The only thing, is that i got the website working fine and well, its looking good at my end as i have tested it on 3 different browsers on 2 systems (pc & mac)

    But my colleague says that the menu is hovering along, and you get a link that says “click here to go to the top” instead of the menu?

    Do you have any idea how this is possible?

    and could you go to the page and see if this also happens with you guys when visiting the website.

    Many thanks in advance.



    Hey Funtastix,

    Glad you were able to get into the theme a bit more with the help of the theme docs. I know they aren’t perfect, but they do explain things pretty well.

    I don’t see what your colleagues are describing when I view the site so i’m not quite sure whats going on. Maybe someone can provide you with a screenshot.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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