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    I have designed the layout of my website using the ecommerce site “Abundance” and I have the front page looking how I would like it to.

    However the templates from the Template Builder are not matching the pages I have created for the menu.

    When I load the url it uses the template for the front page but when I use the ‘home’ page from the menu it shows the words “All Products” – there are no products in this section. In fact all of my created pages say this including the contact page even though I have linked the contact page with the contact details in the theme options.

    What would be causing all of my pages to say “All Products”? It is as if the page is defaulting to a ‘product sales page’ but i dont know why or how to stop it.

    Thanks for help in advance.


    Ive discovered that the problem is to do with the woocommerce plugin. When I activate it, the page settings are overridden. I’m not sure how to change the settings so that my menu uses the templates from template builder instead.


    all good its sorted. thanks


    Good to see it solved already :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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