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    I just purchased this template and so far love it! I have loaded the dummy data, and I went through all the templates and compared them with the demo site.

    I noticed that the pages in my version do not resize like the demo site.

    For example: the Shortcodes page

    My page stays at 490px, while the demo page resizes to 1163px. My browser is maximized when viewing both pages. The style.css matches on both pages.

    .flexible .content{

    width:100% !important;


    This portion is supposed to override the ” .content { ” in line 824, and allow the flexible content, but for some reason it’s not doing it. This page is using the Default Layout. Another difference is that the video tuts page on my site is actually wider (660px versus 430px). This page is using the Default Layout Big.

    What’s funny is that the Masonry Portfolio example displays the flexible content correctly, and is also using the Default Layout. I have everything in my custom.css file commented out.

    Just wondering how to make the default settings match the demo site. I really don’t want to run into bigger issues later on because I neglected to work out the small details early on in the process.



    I checked your site and I noticed that it is using an Abundance theme instead of the Flashlight theme. Try comparing it with this: Hope this helps. :)

    Best Regards,



    Hello Ismael,

    Thanks for responding! I just changed it to Abundance to see how it would look, it was only meant to be a temporary thing. I still want to use the Flashlight theme. I have changed it back and noticed the issues are still there. Would you mind taking another look? Sorry for the mixup!

    Links for comparison (my site followed by demo site):

    Template is the default, but shows big letters.

    Template is the default, but displays 490px width

    Also uses the default template, but compared with the demo site, the heading is large and the content box is wider.



    It seems that all the pages with formatting issues all have the shop menu bar at the top. It looks like it’s displaying a product page. Also, the shop menu links are having some issues linking to the right pages.

    woocommerce-config > config.php > lines 155 control this part, so maybe there’s something here that’s causing the issues?


    Never mind, I got it to work, I didn’t have WooCommerce configured correctly and config.php wasn’t picking up the right pages, so it was apparently defaulting to the product big title layout.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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