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    Hi again,

    Take a look here:!prettyPhoto

    The title part says:

    Lorem Ipsum
    You are here: Home » Template Files » Portfolio + Sidebar » Lorem Ipsum

    How is this organised? I mean I made a portfolio page, and once I am on that single page it says

    You are here: Home » Template Files » Portfolio + Sidebar » My first portfolio

    I did not create that hierarchy, and would think it to be:

    You are here: Home » My first portfolio because I did not bring it under another item…

    Hard to explain but I hope it is clear…

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Kind regards,



    Kriesi uses a server session to determine the portfolio breadcrumb (the reason is that a portfolio post can be part of several portfolio overview pages and thus the user can access the portfolio post from several locations). If the user tries to directly access the post the server can’t save a session which helps Choices to build a proper breadcrumb. So if you “navigate” to the “Lorem Ipsum” entry by visiting the “Portfolio + Sideba” portfolio page first the breadcrumb will include this page too. Otherwise not. If you don’t like this “random” behavior (actually it’s not random but it’s a technical limitation) delete following line in choicesincludeshelper-template-logic.php:


    However the downside of this mod is that the breadcrumb won’t include the portfolio overview page (in this case “Mitchell Tournament”) anymore.



    Thanks for the reply!

    However this did not change anything on my site, but I found another solution wich suits me even better: take out the breadcrumbs.

    I used this code for that:


    Whats better to use? That or the code below:

    .title_container .breadcrumb {
    display: none;

    This was answered in another topic I found here.

    Question: I will need to study more on SEO (Yoast) but does this CSS trick (hiding my breadcrumbs) affect the search results on google?

    I mean we all want to be found as best as possible so If this trick affects SEO badly then I have to make it undone!

    Thanks again,




    Hi Aerdvark,

    Either of the css should work fine.

    It shouldn’t effect your SEO as most small changes do not. Its the overall flow and everything combined that either positively or negatively effects general optimization.




    Hi, could you point me where I add this code for disguising breadcrumbs and how – actual steps? I am doing it myself and not an IT or dev person at all. Thanks!


    Hi yulchik31,

    You can open wp-content/themes/choices/css then edit custom.css and place the code there. You can also go to Choices > Theme Options > Styling and place the code below inside the Quick CSS box.



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