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    This seems to be a bug to me but maybe someone can shed some light. The demo site of incarnation that is hosted by has 3 pageview columns; sermons, about us, and contact. The images in these views are clickable as links to the pages, inside the pages the slideshow images are not clickable in any sort.

    I try to recreate this, so in the pages slideshow settings If I select the option ‘no link’, then the image on dynamic templates doesn’t have a link either, if I select either ‘link to this post’ or ‘link to page’ the dynamic template link works fine however the slider on the page then gets a lightbox link added, that seems strange, since there is actually a specific option for ‘display in lightbox’.

    Its worth noting that the dummy data when imported has this problem as well, so for some reason the demo hosted on seems to work correctly, is this a bug with a newer release?


    Never-mind, here is the change I came up with, seems everything was working as designed, so I don’t know why the incarnation demo page is different…..

    this remove lightbox from with ‘link to this post’

    incarnation/framework/php/function-set-avia-frontend.php line 577

    $url = $inside;

    //$url = avia_image_by_id($option_array[$keyprefix.’image’], array(‘width’=>8000,’height’=>8000), ‘url’);



    Glad that you found a solution :)

    Best regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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