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    Hi, I would like to display the page sidebar navigation only on certain pages. I have desactivated it on the Layout and Settings menu (because it will appears on each page and the position will be always first displaying it always before any object put in the page widget left sidebar. sometimes, i would like the navigation sidebar to displayed last). Is there a way to call this function on a widget ?



    What you can do is go to Abundance > Theme Options > Sidebar and create a new widget area for the pages you want the navigation to display last then go to Appearance > Widgets and drag/drop navigation to either the left or right sidebar.




    Hi Mya, thanks for your reply. I must be missing something because I can’t see any “navigation” element in the widget area (nor in Active or inactive Widget). Do I have to install a particular plugin ? Or active something in the abundance theme option ? Is there a short code for navigation ?

    Best regards


    Hi erinbasadesigns,

    You’ll either need to use the Custom Menu and assign custom menus based on the individual pages needs or a plugin that creates a widget with the functionality you are looking for that can then be added in.




    Thanks, it works


    Hi erinbasades,

    Glad that Devin helped you. :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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