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    My menu stays at the top of portfolio page, i installed with dummy content, then edited and deleted pages and now the menu isn’t functioning like originally….



    I believe Kriesi updated the theme to fix this issue. Are you running the latest version? You can download the update through Themeforest.


    Unless something else came after saturday, yes i do have latest version. I messed around with it forever, figured at first that when i had too big of a logo image it messed it up, even when i edited css to compensate. now i took care (made logo accepted size) of that it worked great, then after adding another page, when i was almost done with my design, it messed up again and i took a few steps back to see if it would fix it, no luck. I cleared my data and re-inserted dummy data about 10 times, copied working versions of css so i could step back if it messed up and even then when i re-inserted good css, it wouldn’t convert back to working.. someone please help, I have to show my client this site today and I am trying to finish 3 other sites at the same time.

    thank you, if you need to see site, i can email to a admin or mod.


    Any help Kriesi?


    Hey! would you mind posting a link to your site so I can take a look?

    As a side note: the sidebar positioning is also dependant on your browser windows size. If the sidebar exceeds the windows size it will scroll with the other content so users can actually read the content that is initially out of the viewport. Only if the sidebar is smaller than the windows size it will stay at the same place.

    if thats not the case with you just let me know by posting a link so I can take a look myself ;)

    You can also use this contact form if you want to send me your login data:

    if thats the case please add a reference to this thread so I know what its about ;)


    i have wide lcd’s….

    ***Sent to contact***

    must log in site locked



    thanks for any help.


    Hey! just checked the site: one of your plugins is throwing a javascript error. this error stops executing the theme scripts correctly and therefore the theme cant detect the windows size to set the sidebar to fixed or scrollable.

    the error i get is:

    jQuery.timer is undefined

    Loading of source code failed in file …es/galleryview/js/jquery.timers-1.2.js

    maybe you might want to check the plugin for a newer version or ask the plugin author for help


    YOU ARE THE MAN!…learn something new everyday. thanks so much.


    oops, may have spoke too soon, I disabled plugin, everything worked great. added a new page, added all the pages to the theme portfolio. now not working again.


    ok, a script i have running is messing with the menu. its a share location script from a java script embed. its important i keep this, is there anyway i can just block it from asking for location as a easy fix?


    used an iframe, seems to work now.




    Best regards,



    I do appreciate your diligence in following up, I will be looking for your next theme release.


    Ok, after much testing and finding out my firefox was messing up a bit, i got it to work. even when i added a widget, but after i added 2 widgets with links in them it bugged out again.

    if anyone would mind visiting and test with different browsers and report how menu acts. it should stay on the left at all times.

    browsers tested are chrome(Working)

    IE8,firefox6, and safari(not working)

    tested on pc, macbook pro, and win2008 VPS

    any help appreciated and of course will help down the line when developing FAQ



    I’m experiencing the same problem in FF6 if you’d like to know.

    I’d check what exactly causes the menu to act this way, as said before it might be a script or a plugin or whatever, if these interfere with the theme I suggest using different plugins rather than editing the code to make them work together. This only to prevent the original code from messing up when you’re not using the plugin. That + it’s not within the scope of the support forum to give support for external issues such as plugin interference.


    I’m having a similar issue in that my menu is staying at the top as well, but I know next to nothing about coding. I just bought this theme a few days ago and it says it’s version 1.2 so I assume that’s the most updated version. The only external plugin I’m using is Jetpack.

    the website is:



    can you post a link please?


    Nevermind I figured it out, I think. In my sidebar (and I tried this both in the “displayed everywhere” and “sidebar one page portfolio”) I had the widgets: search, Coalition Latest Portfolio, and Coalition Latest Tweets. When I removed the latest tweets the menu was fine but when I kept the tweets widget in the sidebar the menu was stuck at the top.

    EDIT: I would like to be able to have my tweets in the sidebar without having the menu getting stuck. Is there a way to fix that? Or should I just try to find an external plugin for that?



    My menu stays at the top.

    Yesterday it worked.

    Today reinstalled template, import dummy data – and menu stopped working.


    oh! sorry!! – all is well .. I forgot about the widget!!!!



    I’m having the same issue with the menu not scrolling with the rest of the content. It’s stuck at the top.

    I’ve been tweaking with margins in style.css , maybe I messed up the script?

    With kind regards,




    Please try this on your custom.css:

    .sidebar {
    position: fixed !important;




    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I pasted the code into the quick CSS section but it doesn’t seem to work.

    When I make the window smaller, the menu does scroll with the page..



    Hello Xenia!

    I don’t see the code provided by Ismael being applied to your site, try adding directly to this file and see if it works :)



    Hi Josue,

    I think there is a little misunderstanding, sorry. I don’t want the menu to be fixed to the top.
    The only way I managed to getting the menu to scroll, was adding this code, but now it has scrollbars…

    .sidebar {
    overflow: scroll !important;



    Hi Xenia!

    Try this:

    .sidebar {
    position: relative !important;

    Best regards,


    yes!!! I think that’s it!


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