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    How do I create a page or page template so that the title does not show?


    Hi samhaltom,

    You can use the Template builder to create a template that doesn’t include the page title and then apply that layout to any page you want. Just make sure the template still has a Content element for displaying the content of that page.




    Make a copy of wp-contentthemesincarnationpage.php and rename it to eg template-notitle.php. Then open up template-notitle.php and delete

    echo avia_title();

    and at the very top of the file replace

    global $avia_config;


    Template Name: Page without title
    global $avia_config;

    Then you can use/select this page template on the admin page.




    hey Guys…. I have tried both options you suggested and neither one works.

    I am trying to add a page exerpt to the home page that was built with Template builder. But I don’t want the page title to show. See the screen grab

    I was able to link the other 2 pages (Discipling and Giving) without having a title… but then the list of pages in the admin says “no title” and it is hard to tell what it is.




    We can use css to hide the title – can you post a link to the homepage please?

    Best regards,



    login to

    name: guest13

    pass: Guest13

    then go to home page.




    This css will remove the title, please add it to your /css/custom.css OR to Quick CSS

    #top.home h3.dynamic-column-title a {
    display: none;

    and this css code will prevent your page from jumping up and down with each change of the slide:

    #top.home #slideshow_big ul {
    height: 492px !important;




    ok… the CSS for the titles on the front page seemed to work fine. My only concern… will this remove ALL the dynamic column titles on the webiste??? or just on the home page?

    Also… I tried the code to prevent the slider jumping and it made all the rest of the images on the home page change. See the link below. It also made it so that I could not turn off the auto rotation of the slide show. Another question on this… will this code apply to ALL slide shows on the site??? or only the home page?

    thanks for your help.



    What would would be the ideal height/width for the slider images to all be so I don’t have to use that code?



    Ideally you need to use images in your slider that all have the same height to prevent jumping. What that height is, is entirely up to you – the height that you feel looks best. The demo uses 1400×450 pixel images.

    There is a plugin you can use to help you cut the images prior to uploading

    Your maintenance screen has a dead image that is missing. Logoff to see it.

    The code I gave, both, will go target all pages. I fixed the code above to now target only the home page and leave other pages alone.


    Your slider images are 960×350 which is a bit on the small side since ideally your images should be always bigger than most regular screen sizes, since when they expand , they become blurry.

    You have an image (png) which is over 9 megs in size ( ). Here is the same image that i optimized from 9000K to 85K , see if you can tell any difference

    Try to keep your images under 150k (top) , with most big images at 70-90k, otherwise nobody will wait for it and instead will leave, and google will penalize you for it.

    Before uploading any image, always go to


    * <— for free .jpg images optimization (use their settings, just dont resize , unless you want to)


    * for png images you can use this free software for your computer


    * use this free website (for images smaller than 2megs)


    Also, please be aware that photographs should be JPG format, while digital art, vector art, buttons, graphics, etc.. should be PNG.


    Try not to save anything within the theme folder, otherwise when you update the theme it will get overwritten. Just upload images using Media Upload, then link to the image, since uploads are kept outside the theme folder.




    Nick… thanks again for your help.

    I tried the code for the front page slider again and it still makes all the other images wierd. Check out the link below or go to the website to see what I am talking about. If I delete the code from the custom css file it goes back to normal. Any thoughts?



    Please re-read the comments I made in previous post. I still see the 9meg image being used even though I provided you with an alternate.

    Please remove the css I gave you before with the height, and instead use this css below:

    #top.home #slideshow_big ul {
    height: 492px !important;




    thanks… that last code worked great.

    The reason I used the png was i wanted the image to blend into the background using the transparency of the png… can’t do that with a jpg. I know what you are saying about load time so I have tried me best to match the background color with the bottom part of the jpg. I think I am pretty close but not perfect. I used the same web colors for both but had to still adjust some. Even though both background and jpg had the same web color # it looks different when on the site.




    ok… the slider code WAS working… but now it is not. The jumping has returned.



    Take a look at this one

    I don’t see jumping at all anymore with Chrome browser. Which browser are you using?




    ok… seems to be operating properly now in both Safari and Firfox.

    As for the image…. it is WAY green. I think what I have is ok. The file size is 128kb. Were you able to discern the color change at the bottom of the image where the background starts? You will have to find longer page.

    thanks again


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