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    I have a problem with the page navigation at the end of a single page:

    If you try to go on the second page it gives you a 404-Error and there is a obviously a problem with the look of the buttons.

    On other sites the problem doesn’t exist, look for example here:

    Thank you and best regards



    you need to contact the author of the plugin because the pagination function is provided by the plugin not by our theme (framework). I’m not sure why it doesn’t work but it’sa plugin flaw…


    Wich plugin? I use the original pagination from the Twicet-Theme…


    No the poll plugin outputs the pagination on the site where the pagination isn’t working. Whereas the (source/html) code for normal pagination looks like:

    <div class='pagination'>
    <span class='current'>1</span><a href='' class='inactive' >2</a>
    <a href='' class='inactive' >3</a>
    <a href=''>›</a>
    <a href=''>»</a>

    on this site: it looks like:

    <div class="wp-polls-paging"> <span class="pages"> Page 1 of 2 </span>
    <span class="current">&#8201 1 </span>
    <a href="" title="2"> 2 </a>
    <a href="" title="»"> » </a>

    The code is different (maybe the plugin replaces the “standard” pagination function) – but compare the style, etc. – it’s totally dfferent.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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