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    I have tried to add my first gallery. I have choosen No Content on the and thougth that the content of the page would not show up. but it does – so what am I doing wrong here?


    I tried this:

    But the content is still showing up…

    I also tried No sidebare… and it still shows up!


    This is my first page… I have done with this theme…

    and as you can see… I need to get the content away… and maybe the sidebar?


    Now I have compared the Welcome page to my gallery page and the settings are the same… but still the content is there. Also if I alter it to let say 3 column – it is still just the full page gallery


    I deactivated the woocommers… and then it seem to be ok… but what if I wanted the woocommers???



    please try to update your theme. The latest version fixes bugs with WooCommerce 1.4.x.


    I did.. I used my FTP and uploaded the theme update at the content=>theme just uploaded the unzipped catalogue to the folder Theme.

    Then I did the same thing with the woocommers to the plugin catalogue.. but I still have the same problem… do I have to set up the woocommers in some way to make it to work??? Point it to a spesific page?


    Made a dumme page for Woocommers and then on the page settings I pointed everything to that!

    Now it seem to work!


    Glad that you found a solution :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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