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    Hello! I’m almost done with my site and I’m getting it exactly the way I want it, thanks to all your help.

    I recently implemented woocommerce into my site as I’m going to be selling digital products. However whenever you go to the main commerce page that lists all of our product the archive sidebar shows up on the side overlapping some of the woocommerce features. Everything also seems to be left aligned outside of the regular container. An thoughts?

    Also, the site that I’m building out is a sound design website, and I’m aware that putting sound on ones site is risky as far as browser compatibilty goes, but I’m looking to make all of the images and links make sound when you hover over them. Is this possible. I tried the hover_sound plugin, but am unable to get it to work successfully. Possibly something with jquery?

    One last thing, is it possible to upload a fixed background in the stretched layout?

    Thanks a bunch,



    Hi Lewis,

    The WooCommerce issue is a tough one. The theme doesn’t have built in support for it so it will probably take some heavy tweaking to get it looking good. I think, offhand, that the plugin uses the archive.php template as its layout guide so you may need to edit that in your theme files. Outside of that, it may take some considerable css tweaking to get it looking correctly.

    I have absolutely no idea about sound integration like you mean :) Perhaps one of the other support crew might.

    Add the following css to your style sheet and add in the url for your image:





    I love you.

    If ever anyone is in need of a template, I’m sending them over here. Seriously. You guys rock. Thank you.



    Glad that Devin could help you :)

    Best regards,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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