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    I’ve just noticed something strange. I am setting up the portfolio and now have enough items for 2 pages (pagination is turned on & so are breadcrumbs for the portfolio).

    When I go to page 2, I try clicking one of the other breadcrumb tags and nothing shows up. Should some items show up even though they are listed on page 1?



    Hi alex2545,

    Can you post a link to your site so we can check it further?




    Can’t do that at this moment Ismael but if you check the Choices demo, they are showing all portfolio items on one page. If the setting for Portfolio Post Number is changed to 8 (for example), and Portfolio Pagination is set to yes, This might tell you if you can click a breadcrumb on page 2 of the portfolio and see ALL portfolio items for that tag. I’m curious if you can see this….

    Thanks for your help.


    Hi alex2545,

    I’m not sure if I understand it well, but I tried this on my end, I have enabled Portfolio Pagination on my 4 columns portfolio page, and set the Portfolio Post Number to 4, so pagination will appear. I clicked on page 2 and it works well and shows the rest of my portfolio items. About the breadcrumbs, the last item in it is your current page.




    Hi Ismael, thank you for your help. It may work for you, but still not working for me. I’ll try to explain a different way:

    You have have 16 portfolio items. 4 of those items are tagged as Photography. Since you have pagination set to yes, 1 tagged Photography item shows on page 1 of the portfolio and the other 3 tagged Photography items show on page 2 of the portfolio.

    The user clicks to go to page 2 of the portfolio. When they click on the breadcrumb that says ‘Photography’, shouldn’t you see all items that are tagged Photography, no matter how many there are and no matter on which page of the portfolio they are? In other words, that one item tagged Photography that was on page 1 of the portfolio should also appear and show with the other 3.

    Why isn’t this happening for me?

    Thank you so much for your help.


    Also, I noticed that when you are on Page 1 of the portfolio and you click on the portfolio item, you can then cycle through the portfolio images (by clicking the right-bracket icon). However, it only cycles through that page and doesn’t continue to cycle through the rest of the pages if the portfolio is paginated. That doesn’t seem logical to me.


    Hi alex2545,

    I understand what you mean now but no, the themes code isn’t able to dynamically pull up all of the portfolio items for any given category. The effect is only for sorting and showing items that have already been loaded into the page.

    So if on page one you only have 1 item that is in the Photography category then selecting Photography will only show that one single item.

    Kriesi’s official word on this is that if he ever finds a way to do it so that it can pull from all of your portfolio items without causing loading/performance issues he will implement it.

    This holds true for all ajax effects with pagination, only one page is loaded in at a time and so only page can be worked with by the various ajax elements. You’ll need to make the portfolio page show more items if you want it to be able to work with more with moving to another page.




    Ok, thank you Devin & Ismael. I think I understand now. I will not paginate and have all my items show up on one page then.


    Glad we could help and I’m sorry it wasn’t quite what you were looking for.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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