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    After repeated cyber-attacks in the last months, we decided to update our WP 3.*** to WP 4.3.1, but our theme ‘Newscast’ does not cohabit well with this new version. After going through some of your forums, it seems reasonable to think that we could upgrade to ‘Enfold’ theme and repro the visuals we currently have using NewsCast. The problem is that we have plugins developed on top of NewCast ‘framework_plugins’ and re-use some of the stuff provided by kriesi*** classes.

    How big of a deal will it be to migrate from NewsCast to Enfold, and what is the path to get there? Have the Kriesi *** class framework changed a lot? etc….

    Just a guy trying to avoid as much work as possible, but who’s facing the dreadful cyber-attacks reality…




    Hey GrisMontreal!

    Be sure to login first before posting technical questions.

    It would be best to follow the steps here,, for protecting yourself against hackers.

    Since you have done some customization it’s hard to tell how much work would be required when moving to Enfold. I can say Enfold is a lot more easier to use than Newscast though.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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