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    I noticed that the text elements (dt, dd) overlap each other, and this only happens on the View Recent Order page. It occurs at two places:

    1. Order Details – under the Product name

    2. Customer Details – first line showing the email address

    I can provide a screenshot but let me know how to attach it.

    I’ve tried to upgrade Woocommerce from 1.6.1 to latest and upgrade Propulsion theme to 1.6 and the issue remains the same. Please help to identify the fix. Thanks.



    Maybe you can try this on your custom.css

    #top.woocomerce-checkout .avia_select_fake_val {
    display: none;




    I found that the problem seems to be caused by line 1138 in woocommence.mod.ccs.

    .woocommerce-account dt{width:30px; display:block; font-weight: bold;}

    Once I remove width:30px, the overlapping text issue was resolved. Should I change this directly in the CSS file? Or would you suggest a different code to add to the custom CSS?



    It is better to put it on your custom.css. In case you update your theme you just need to have a copy of the custom.css.




    I added this to my custom css:

    dd {margin-left: 50px;}

    Puts the customer email and phone details enough to the right so no overlap, solves it and doesn’t seem to affect anything else.


    Hi wildrays,

    Glad that you’ve fixed it. :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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