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    i am embedding a full width slideshare presentation on one portfolio post. When i add a featured image it gets shown as usual, but it doesent look fine with the slideshare ppt, so i just want to kick it out of the features image from the post. The preview image for thumbnails and category preview should stay instead ;-) So in short: I just want to have the featured image shown on category pages for this one particual post.

    I know how to change the code for this post, but it might happen again in the future that i want to do this.

    Is the theme using hidden custom fields to provide the preview and featured images? If yes, what are their names and is there a way to override their values?

    Though, my dream would be actually that habitat could present the slides like it does with videos already on the category page.



    just remove following line in single.php – this will remve the featured image slideshow from posts:

    <?php if($medium_prev_image != "") echo $medium_prev_image; ?>

    There’s an overwrite value (display_featured_media.php) but you need to modify the code a bit to adjust the result to your requirements (i.e. add an “if else” statement for another size, etc. The overwrite size uses following post meta code:

    $overwrite_size = get_post_meta($post->ID, "_overwrite_size", true);


    well, thanks. is there a feature planed, that allows me to define the thumbnail image and the following featured images?


    I’m not aware of an upcoming update which would implement this feature…



    if i try to cut out the featured image in certain posts, it kinda doenst work

    <?php if(!is_single(478)) { if($medium_prev_image != “”) echo $medium_prev_image; }?>

    what am i doing wrong? even if i take out the whole line it will still show up

    update: got it

    a few lines abow needed to be changed as well:

    if(!is_single(478)) { $medium_prev_image = display_featured_media($counter); }


    Glad that you found a solution.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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