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    As I’m flipping back and forth between Angular and Flashlight (evaluating which one I want to use) I noticed an odd thing with my portfolio items.

    In Flashlight, I have no issues ordering my gallery items whichever way I want. Clicking “Ascending” or “Descending” gives you a clear visual of how your images will preview (there’s a box with a number in it).

    Angular is set up slightly different, in that there’s no number box. After much clicking on “Ascending” or “Descending” and hitting save, the images appear in the order I want (oldest first, newest last). When I return to the Portfolio Item page the order is still wrong. I hit update anyway hoping it will apply the changes, yet nothing updates on the site (newest images still display first).

    Is there something I’m missing here?

    Thanks in advance.


    Forgot to add … there’s an “Insert” button when you view the particular gallery list. Clicking on it just seems to add an image to the end of the list.


    Hi Bokehman,

    If you mean how they show up on the actual portfolio page then no the portfolio posts will sort and then display by newest first. If you mean the order of the individual images within the slideshow of a portfolio, you can drag and drop them in the Slideshow options to re-order them.


    Hm not sure what exactly you mean. Are you talking about the slideshow manager in angular, that is located bellow the content text editor? if so you can simply modify the image order of your slideshow by dragging the whole item up and down.

    If I didnt understand correctly you might want to maybe add a screenshot of what you are talking about ;D

    Edit: ahh devin beat me by 2 minutes :D


    In the “Featured media – add any number of images and/or videos” section, I understand that I can manually select a row and move it to a new position. That’s fine if it’s just a few images.

    If you look at …

    I have over 160 images. It’s not practical to manually sort each image.

    I created another test gallery at:

    This is the process I’m going through to re-order the images.

    1. Click on an image thumbnail in the “Featured media – add any number of images and/or videos” section.

    2. Click the “Gallery (5)” tab. (FYI – There are 5 images in this gallery).

    3. Click either “Ascending” or “Descending” and then “Save all changes” until the preview shows it the way I want.

    When I go back to the Portfolio Entry, the setting I’ve made in the previous window (not sure what you’d call it … the media library gallery?) does not carry over to the Portfolio Entry.

    In Flashlight, if I want to change the order to make sure the oldest images show first, it applies the change correctly. For some reason Angular doesn’t seem to be doing this. Basically I’m looking to reverse the order of the images.

    I even placed numbers from 1-5 on each image. Yet they keep appearing in the Portfolio Entry from 5-1.

    Is there a procedure to post images here? Or do I need to post elsewhere and link back?


    PS – Manually moving the images in the “Featured media – add any number of images and/or videos” does work (in the URL I sent they will be in the correct order). Manually moving them in the “From Computer – Gallery – Media Library” does not work.




    A further update …

    Rather than clicking on one of the image thumbnails, I clicked on the “Upload/Insert” button. That method DID bring up the media window with the boxes that show the order (ie. 1-161) next to the thumbnail.

    Unfortunately the order still does not make it’s way into the slideshow. Not sure what setting I changed but now all the thumbnails are showing up on the page. For now this is ok as you can see the correct order (the airport terminal is first and the clouds are last). It’s the slideshow that’s still displaying in the wrong order.


    Hi Bokehman,

    The sorting that you are referring to isn’t used with the theme. Its used by wordpress for its own built in gallery options.

    As far as I know, the only sorting that is available to the images is with drag and drop within featured media.


    Hmmm. Ok. As this seems to be a WP issue I’ll set this to resolved although for me it really isn’t.

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