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    I have a problem going on here on my first practice purchase I paid for a downloadable product on my website and got these two forms one for the customer and one for me

    This one is for me telling me about my new customer.


    This one goes to the customer with a download link and everything.

    Uploaded with ordercompletedownloadli.jpg

    Uploaded with

    Well now two other customers friends of mine tried out the whole payment process and I (Patagonier) get in my email only the NEW CUSTOMER ORDER But my customers don’t get the ORDER COMPLETE/ DOWNLOAD LINKS form which explains to them what they purchased along with a download link.

    Can some one help please this one is important. Thank you

    Kind regards,




    the whole payment process is handled by woocommerce so if it’s a bug you need to report it here:

    However maybe the emails just got blocked by the spam filter of your friend(s) or the emails can be found in the spam folder.


    No they are not in the spam folders! But I’ll report it to them thanks Dude!


    Dude How can I report to them if I need to pay to participate in the forums, this is ridiculous! Im not mad at you guys im mad at WooCommerce we need to pay for help when I have their Woocommerce plugin??????????!!!!! thats crazy!


    I got this fixed already thanks!


    As far as I know the “Public” forum access is free. But you’re right – you have to buy a woocommerce plugin (starting at 15$) to get access to the support forum. Obviously they have to pay their support staff too…



    Please tell me how did you fix it ???

    I have exactly the same problem and it worked fine for a long time…


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