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    Hi, Guys! Avisio works great!

    But i still have two problems. One of them with slideshow – simply it does not work correctly in Opera 10.6 although in IE 7 it does. Thumbs clicks cause no action and only first big picture hangs on. I use Win 7 and have no wordpress plugins installed.

    And the second problem with Cufon. It seems that it doesn not support russian language indeed. It takes me several years to solve this problems


    Cufon supports russian language but you need to find a font which supports russian characters. I.e. Magistral does:

    Kriesi included only fonts for “western” languages.

    The Dude



    Can you be more specific about the Opera error, including a screenshot if possible. What OS are you using?

    Best regards,



    Dude, thx a lot

    James Morrison, I use windows 7, i don’t think that screenshot really necessary cause it looks like it should be, but if i do click on one of thumb even in kriesi site it doesn’t work at all. So that is a problem. And in IE 7 it works fine and big picture Above thumbs changes with effects



    Ok, I’ll mark this as a bug for Kriesi’s attention.




    I also tested my website with Opera 10 (newest version/Win 7) and I’ve encountered the same problem/bug. The slider doesn’t work with opera. Kriesi needs to look at it.

    The Dude


    Any news on the opera fix?


    Currently not. Opera introduces and removes behaviour of the browser at will with every new (sub)version which is really anoying, so I will first wait for the next update.

    I will have a look if there is a quick and dirty solution later today since I am uploading a new version of the theme, if I happen to find one the solution will be added as well…



    I’ve release a fix for the opera probem with the latest version ;)



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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