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    How I can open a new window from a link on the sidebar?

    I can do it from the top menu but I can not with the menu on the left of the page.



    how are you adding the menu to the sidebar? with the new wordpress 3 menu manager?

    never tested this before but i guess it should simply work by setting the link to be opened in a new window as well?


    Yes, I use the menu manager to build the sidebar, the version is WordPress 2.9.2.

    I want to open a page in a new window, what link method should I choose?

    Do I have to do it from a php file instead of the menu manager?


    hm, the problem is: the wordpres 2.9 version cant do this. if you upgrade to wordpress 3 and use the new wordpress menu manager at appearance->menus then you can set if the link should be external.

    in the upper right you get a screen options tab on the appearance-menus page in wordpress 3 and you can then select to show the option for external links in new windows


    OK, I’ll update the wordpress.

    Thank you very much to illuminate my path.



    You were right, it works, but now the menu has lost the ability to contract and does not highlight the selected section.

    Is it because I am using the custom menu widget???




    What’s your site URL?





    It is

    I have been tested in pre-production with wordpress 3.0 but production is still in version 2.9





    You seem to be missing this code from /css/style1.css:

    .nav .currentli_item a, .nav li a:hover {

    You can change the colour by editing the HEX value (#FFFFFF). I recommend upgrading to WordPress 3.0 as soon as possible.

    Best regards,



    oh, sorry! the menu to which I referred was the vertical sidebar menu…

    I make the sidebar menu with the new “custom menu” widget of wordpress 3.0, but the menu opens to all levels and the section selected no is



    ….selected no is “strong”…


    You can adjust the colour by editing this code in style.css around line 317:

    .sidebarmenu .current {

    To change the active link colour you could use this code:

    .sidebarmenu .current {
    color: #0000FF;

    Change the colour to whatever you like.


    Dear James,

    I am having the same trouble that Sandrapi had.

    (1) on the SIDEBAR menu, a menu item, when it matches the current page, should be a different color- black, for instance- to indicate to the website visitor, “this is the page that you are currently on.” With my Display installation this does not happen, no matter which skin I try to use (Light, Minimal, or Dark).

    All links in the SIDEBAR menu, whether created with the Custom Menu widget or created with the Pages widget, always remain the same color, INCLUDING the link for the current page. So for example if I visit my current website (uses the Minimal skin) and go to the “About” page, then the SIDEBAR widget entry for “About,” the page I’m on, should be black, but it’s gray, like all the other menu items. This remains the case even after I followed your instructions above; I took the style.css file and at line 317 I changed it from this:

    .sidebarmenu .current {



    to this:

    .sidebarmenu .current {


    color: #000000;


    This change did not solve the problem.

    (2) THERE IS A SECOND, RELATED PROBLEM. Please carefully note- while this second problem also relates to menus, this second problem is connected to the MAIN menu, the horizontal menu that runs across the TOP of the page.

    Once again, if one is on the “About” page, the MAIN menu link to the “About” page should appear as black, or somehow different, but again, it remains gray, just like all the other MAIN menu links.

    (3) There is a third, possibly related problem. This is not about font color but rather about font size. My “About” page has 1 subpage and 2 subpages (one child and 2 grandchildren). If you mouseover the link to the “About” page in the MAIN menu, the subpage and the 2 subpages appear- but none of the subpages or sub-subpages are appearing in the smaller font- they appear in exactly the same size font as the top level MAIN menu links. Main menu subpage entries should appear in a slightly smaller font, as you see here when you mouseover Kriesi’s “About” link the MAIN menu on top:

    Other info: clean WordPress 3.01 install, not an upgrade from 2.x; also, clean Display theme install, version 2. If you want the URL of the development server or WP Admin access, please email me off list. If you could please help with these questions I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you-

    Kind regards,



    Hey Phil,

    Drop me an email with the site URL at support {at} jamesmorrisondesign {dot} com with the subject:

    Kriesi | Display | phil227 | Display Navigation Menu

    and I’ll take a look.



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