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    Hi,- I’d like to know how to find out the exact #xxxxxx value for the (colored) area besides featured images; somehow they differ from the “real photoshop values”- see pics 2 and 3 within

    Probably I have to adjust a value within a *.css (but where/which one…?).

    (I don’t mean this one- that opacity is ok: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) )

    Thx in advance & take care




    the blue slide uses: #073261, the grey color (briefing room picture) is #CCCCCC.


    Well this (blue slide uses: #073261) is what I’ve configured as “Background color”. But it doesn’t fit (border of pics with this color setting). Using photoshop the color picker tells you that it is #003366. BUT #003366 does not match the color of the right/left border of the “Featured Image” either ,- like in a way it does here: .

    So any help/practical hint is appreciated. And the “Auto Detection” button also can’t find the appropriate color.

    Again: Are there modifications to make somewhere in any .css? What is the right way to find out the correct #______ ?

    Thx & kind regards



    I think the fade effect doesn’t produce the same color value for all far left/right pixels. I.e. here: the top right corner and the bottom right corner have different color values. I checked it with Photoshop and all 4 far right pixels I checked gave me a different value.


    Hi Dude,thx.

    Accidentially we figured out that this phenomen happens JUST on Mac-based browsers (Safari, Chrome, FF) –

    on (all) Windows PCs/browsers it looks perfect.

    Do you have any idea how to deal with that?

    Thx & take care



    As far as I know there’s no “specific” mac code we could use. The background color itself is hardcoded in the html code and should be the same for every os/browser. Maybe the contrast/display settings are different?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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