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    When I add the code below to a Page the rows are not lined up. The second [one_half]

    • [/one_half], when viewed is a little lower than the [one_half first]

      • [/one_half] Any suggestions on how to have them line up vertically?

    [one_half first]

    • Tune ups
    • Re-powers
    • Engine rebuilding
    • Blister repair
    • Complete fiberglass repair
    • Winterizing
    • Air conditioning
    • Running gear



    • Bow and stern thruster installation
    • Outdrive service/repair
    • Electrical AC/DC
    • Bottom painting
    • Gel coat repair
    • Diesel engine repair
    • Plumbing
    • Rigging




    can you post a link to your website please – very likely it’s a css problem.


    Currently It is under construction. Can you give me a private email to send you login so you can look at:

    my email (Email address hidden if logged out)


    I went into the HTML and was able to fix the issue. : )



    Glad you got this resolved; for future reference make sure that you use the HTML editor (not visual) and include a space between shortcodes.



    I’m also having many frustrating problems with Broadscope, one of which is the page layout shortcodes. I don’t recall seeing any mention of making sure to enter the shortcodes in the HTML editor in the documentation. That would have been very nice to know.

    Is there a “magic wand” button available, when you are in the Html editor? It’s not available on my broadscope/wordpress site.

    Can you elaborate on what you mean “include a space between shortcodes.” ? Do you mean between the ending tag of one and the beginning tag of another? I read somewhere, while trying to troubleshoot my sloppy page, that I was supposed to put each shortcode on an entirely separate line. I’m not sure if that meant each tag gets its own line — then the content on another separate line — then closing tag on a separate line? Or the both tags and content altogether and then an empty line and then the next set of short codes?



    when creating a page you can just use the shortcodes in the given text area. The magic wand is also within the rich text editor when you create a page or post. You can use shortcodes any way you’d like as long as you open & close them and don’t mess up the order, doesn’t matter which line.


    Thanks for the reply. I think the problems I encountering are because I had a few pages and posts set up before I imported the dummy stuff.

    I’m going to make a new post on this. Because I think other people would like to know the answer to the question I have about importing dummy stuff to a non-fresh install.

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