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    Hi there, recently downloaded your template but am having problems with the columns. I’m using your [one_third] shortcodes as delivered by your in-editor wizard, but the third column keeps showing up below the first – see Finally, there seems to be a similar issue with the footer, where the fourth column is jumping below the third. Can you help?

    Also, why does the template auto-populate the footer if there is no content? Can this be stopped?




    Hey Duncan,

    Looks like its an additional margin being added in for some reason. I’ll send it in to Kriesi for the next theme update but for now try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    #top .one_half, #top .one_third, #top .two_third, #top .three_fourth, #top .one_fourth {
    margin-left: 0px;

    That should do it and i’ve added in the other columns as I’m guessing they have the same issue. Very odd that it has taken this long for this to pop up as it seems to effect quite a few variations and layouts.

    The footer gets auto populated as a way to help first time and newer users. The easiest way to stop it is to just use empty text widgets in your footer columns. Otherwise the theme files need to be modified which makes updating take an extra step.




    Thanks for the footer fix, I figured as much with the text widgets. :) I entered in that code, but as you can see, it’s still having issues… any other suggestions? I may re-install the theme and see what happens.

    Thanks again,



    I did make it work using a table… but the layout is still odd. Any help would be great.


    Hey sbxstrategies,

    Ah! I just realized what the issue is. There is a plugin activated called Aprils Super functions pack that has the same shortcode css styls as the theme name so its causing conflicts.

    Try de-activing the plugin and removing the css I gave you then refresh your page a few times to clear your local cache and take a look.




    That was it. Thank-you very much.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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