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    I tested with youtube and the bracket appear, but the vimeo link seams to work.



    Hey artofchris!

    Can you post the link to your page where this happens? Please note that we may need a temporary admin login as well, so if you do not mind, please post it here privately

    Best regards,


    I use WordPress 3.8.1 and Eunoia 1.7 with no customization. Test it in a page (no after bracket for posts) and if you’ll not going to see the bracket after the video, I’ll give you a temp login to see it in action.


    We are looking forward to the temp login.



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    Can you create an administrator account and post it here as a private reply?



    I can’t, but you don’t need admin, I’m telling you to verify it in your test environment you’ll see the bug. Did you test in a page?
    PS: My wp-admin has the file editor disabled for security reason, is useless for you.
    I made no modifications to the theme, I test it locally and online, same bug.



    Does it happen with the default WordPress theme?



    My partner deleted the youtube link, updated the page and insert it again/save and the bracket disappear. Very strange bug.
    I also tested locally, same thing happens. First time the bracket appears and after deleting, saving, updating with the same link and saving the page… the bracket disappear.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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