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    I just purchased an installed Coalition.

    My standard development process is to build on my local maching, and periodically update a remote staging server. To update the remote server, I use the following steps:

    – copy all wordpress files to remote webroot

    – export local dev database to sql file

    – search/replace exported sql to convert all hardwired locel dev urls into urls which match the staging (or production) server

    – import modified sql file into database on remote server

    This process has always worked for me in the past. When I do this with Coalition, none of my settings in the one page section are refelected on the staging server. My content (pages, portfolio, images, etc) are all there, but the navigation and site structure defined in the one page area simply do not transfer.

    I have looked in the remote database and it seems like the content is there, but I just can’t switch it on, for want of a better description. I must be missing something obvious, but I can’t see what I’m doing wrong given that the entire wp directory and complete database are being transferred.

    Any help would be much appreciated.




    Still waiting on a response for this – any suggestions would be appreciated. Have also left the same questions on the themeforest site as I was initially unable to access these forums.



    we know that some servers cause problems when you try to move the theme settings/dynamic template data. We couldn’t reproduce the problem yet but we investigate it. You can reset the theme settings (but you need to configure the all options/dynamic templates again) or you can try plugins like: or or – users reported that these plugins restore the database without problems.


    Thanks Chris,

    I’ll check out those plugins and see how I go. I’m still puzzled as to why exporting and re-importing the database doesn’t work as it seems to be pretty seamless when I use the process described above for other WP sites and themes. But if one of the plugins does the trick then I’m not to worried about the ‘why’!

    I’ll give them a go and report back.



    Hi Chris,

    Not having any joy with the free plugins you suggest, and I am reluctant to purchase the other option when it should be a fairly straightforward thing to move my site between servers. Are you able to help me out by telling me where/how the one page site settings are stored within your theme? I think I can see them in the options table of the DB, but for some reason these along don’t seem to be enough to recreate my local settings on the staging server.


    Any other suggestions? DB info?


    You gave up on this so easily! Is it really in the too-hard basket after just one response?

    Just asking for a little help, some bright ideas or some info about where all the relevant data is located in the DB so I can try and sort this out myself. Please?


    > We couldn’t reproduce the problem yet but we investigate it.

    So, how did that investigation go? Why have my requests for additional support been met with complete silence? Hell, I’d even be satisfied with a blunt “this is beyond the scope of our support agreement” response if you feel that’s the case. But simply ignoring a paying customer on your official support forum is not acceptable.


    Hi Gil,

    Sorry your thread got kind of left out there in the cold for so long! I can’t speak for Chris, but it has always been my experience to not trust the way WordPress moves between servers. As an aside, I tend to do rough builds on my local server and then push them to my live server for the final content and fixes (store items, css tweaks etc) for this very reason.

    As for a final answer, without more details or working with your files directly I’m not sure what else we could offer.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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