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    Hi guys,

    I just had my website launched successfully with my host etc however i still need to do 2 things :

    -Update the coherence new template that came out

    -Fix bugs and add/remove stuff

    So I can acces on my localhost the website and change stuff. But when I will upload the new stuff on my ftp , should I first have the bugs fixed and uploaded to the website and after that update the coherence template ? Or how can i just fix my site without deleting everything ?

    As I see, I will need to delete all the files on the database and basically redo the whole process if I want to change a thing on my website?




    You should fix the website online. I think it is a waste of time fixing them locally then redo them online. You can update the theme by overriding the old files via ftp. Make sure to create a backup of any files you modify especially the custom.css.

    Note: Create a backup of the theme files and your database.




    Hi Ismael, thanks for your help.

    I’m using godaddy so are you saying that I should directly use godaddy’s online server to fix the website using wordpress interface?

    But what about the coherence update? Can i do that without using filezilla my ftp?



    Hi wahjay,

    If you aren’t familiar with moving your database then yes, do all your changes and setup on your live server.

    For updates, you can upload the theme on top of itself using the wordpress interface. If your server doesn’t let you write over folders (it will give you an error) you can contact the host and ask for assistance in changing the chmod permissions on the wp-content folder or just go the FTP route.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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