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    I love the sorting feature you have in this theme for the portfolio. Very nice!

    But I have no use for the Date / Name sort. I would like 2 things:

    1. Default the sort by Name (not date)

    2. Remove or hide the Name/Date sort buttons without removing the category sort buttons


    There are a couple of edits you need to make to template_portfolio.php to do this.

    1.) You need to change this (around line 16):

    $query_string .= "&post_type=portfolio";

    to this:

    $query_string .= "&post_type=portfolio";
    $query_string .= "&orderby=title";

    to order by Name.

    2.) You need to change this (around line 61):

    $output .= "<div class='sort_by_val'>";
    $output .= "<span>".__('Sort by:','avisio')."</span>";
    $output .= "<a href='#' id='date_sort' class='active_sort reversed'>".__('Date','avisio')."</a>";
    $output .= "<a href='#' id='name_sort'>".__('Name','avisio')."</a>";
    $output .= "</div></div>";

    to this:

    $output .= "</div>";

    ** Edited by James Morrison to correct error in code (see post below for details) **


    Thanks for the reply. But when I make the change in your step1, it breaks the portfolio page so nothing appears on the page at all.


    Whoops! I made a mistake.

    $query_string .= "&post_type=portfolio";
    $query_string .= "orderby=title";

    should be:

    $query_string .= "&post_type=portfolio";
    $query_string .= "&orderby=title";

    I was missing the & so post_type showed up as portfolioorderby which is why it didn’t work.

    Sorry about that, this should fix the problem.


    This works except the sort by name is in reverse order.



    Ok change this code:

    $query_string .= "&orderby=title";

    to this to change the order:

    $query_string .= "&orderby=title&order=ASC";





    Thank you for the great support.



    Awesome, marking this as resolved and closing the topic.

    If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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