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    I need to display a menu in the footer as well. However whenever I add <?php wp_nav_menu( array('menu'=>'Second') ); ?> into my template it get wrapped with <div class=" megaWrapper"> which cause the footer menu to be displayed like the megamenu I use on the top of the page. How I can omit that wrapper for the footer menu?



    you can use the “Custom Menu” widget to display a menu in the footer.



    nope, still wraps in Div megawrapper and applies all those styles. Please look at the bottom of that page: http://www.worlddominationapps.com/cpwf/




    I see – I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it.


    HI, could you please give an update on that issue? When will it be solved?

    Thank you,




    this bug report is now 1 week old. I politely requested an update on that issue. I need to tell something to my clients. Please provide an update on this issue. It is not really a support request. Rather a bug with the theme. So please let me know, what will happen with this ticket.

    And when about this will be solved.


    Thank you,




    It’s been reported to Kriesi, he should get to it soon.

    The code that generates this can be found in broadscopeframeworkphpclass-megamenu.php

    * Replaces the default arguments for the front end menu creation with new ones
    function modify_arguments($arguments){

    $arguments['walker'] = new avia_walker();
    $arguments['container_class'] = $arguments['container_class'] .= ' megaWrapper';
    $arguments['menu_class'] = 'avia_mega';

    return $arguments;


    Hi Chris,

    thanks! I also found that code already. Sadly my PHP skills are not good enough to insert an if statement that would get for example the name of my second menu in the footer and assign a different class. Another way would be if that second menu is a widget and insert and if statement.

    I cannot just rename the all classes since then the theme would not display the menu properly. So some kind of if statement seems to be the way to go. Do you know a condition I could put into such a statement?




    You could use jquery to rename the menu class in the footer/sidebar. Add following code to js/avia.js:

    jQuery("#footer .avia_mega, .sidebar .avia_mega").removeClass('.avia_mega');


    Sorry that did not work. I would love some feedback that allows me to properly wrap menus used on the website other than as main menu.




    Your question got me thinking, because I’m going to be adding a separate nav menu to my footer. I started by changing this code in the functions.php file:

    /* Activate native wordpress navigation menu and register a menu location */

    register_nav_menu('avia', THEMENAME.' Main Menu');

    to this:

    /* Activate native wordpress navigation menu and register a menu location */

    register_nav_menus(array('avia' => THEMENAME.' Main Menu', 'my_footer_menu' => 'Footer Menu'));

    since my footer menu is brilliantly named “Footer Menu” and the add_theme_support call isn’t necessary in either version. I then added this code:

    wp_nav_menu( array( container => false, 'menu' => 'Footer Menu' ) );

    to the footer.php file right below the last footer widget. It eliminates the megaWrapper DIV but still leaves the avia_mega class on the menu’s UL container. Still, I think that answers your question. Hope this helps.


    Thanks ptvguy for your answer. Even though I like Kriesi’s work I am quite fed up with basically being ignored by their support (in other posts as well). I will check out that solution. Thanks!!



    Thanks ptvguy for helping out, your post are a great addition to the support forum, it’s highly appreciated.

    Markusstaa, I’m sorry you feel this way. Once posts are forwarded to Kriesi all we can do is wait for a solution since we don’t forward things unless we don’t know or when it’s a modification that could serve as a new feature and therefore could be included in an update rather than sit in a topic. I’ll check if Kriesi received the notice.

    Could you also link to your other posts that have gone unanswered? I couldn’t find any topics created by this account without a recent response.

    Thanks for your patience.


    No problem. We’re all just trying to make a living here. For me, a good theme (like BroadScope) is just a handy framework to start building with. All the cool, built-in tools and shortcodes are a nice bonus that lightens my work a little. That’s not bad for just $35.

    Anyway, to expand my previous answer a little beyond your basic question, the wp_nav_menu function has a number of other parameters that will probably help you out with what you’re trying to do. Since we used “container => false” to eliminate the DIV container altogether, you can wrap that wp_nav_menu PHP in your own DIV with whatever ID and/or CLASS you’d like. Then you can use the $menu_class and $items_wrap parameters to override the UL and other classes inside the menu. The tools are there to restructure it anyway you like.


    Thanks will try that! I know that these themes are great work for a great price with a generous licensing agreement even. I really like the work you guys did and do. I did not expect this issue to be solved but I did expect better communication such as: “Will be fixed, will not” or “Not this or the next month” something I can tell to my clients. Through your great themes we are now able to serve to clients that we would have otherwise send away due to their lower budgets.

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