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    Ok, I installed this on my website years ago. As of today, I can’t get it to run or load. I just see a magnifying glass spinning.

    Do you think someone hacked the site?

    Oh no… HELP!!!


    Hi pictureme2,

    I’m able to see your website. Are you still experience problems or did you resolve the issue?




    Hi Mya

    When I opened it yesterday and for the last two weeks, it would not show the images or the content. It would freeze. So, I will try again today. My fingers are crossed but I don’t know why it is happening.

    I had already shut down my computer and I will restart IE. thanks again.

    I will keep you posted.


    Ok… It is working (sporiadically). One of my web dev guy here at my job tried it and it worked.

    I went back to my computer and had to refresh the browser, then I started to work.

    Really strange.

    thanks Mya.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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