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    Hi, I sorted my portfolio entries with publishing dates back to one year (similar to the entrie dates of my old joomla site).

    But when this older items don`t apear as previews when clicking on the categorie names at my start site. ( Newer entries working perfect. When changing the issue date to a younger one they works fine. Are there some settings to limit the appearance time or any other things I can change to get all entries in one categorie? (When clicking on the menus, there all the entries are listed)

    Tanks again, ReiniF


    Sorry for pushing this question, but I have to solve this. For better understanding: Clicking the portfolio categories f.e. on the start site will show some thumbnails (portfolio entries) of these cat. but not the older entries. Clicking on the menu on the top the list shows the Archive with all entries in this categories, also the older ones.

    Maybe there are some settings to get all entries when clicking on the I can not find to define this . Thanks for help!!!


    Hi ReiniF,

    In the Portfolio options (either in the Portfolio tab of the theme options or in the Dynamic Template Portfolio element) you can set how many posts are displayed on a page. If the page doesn’t show the portfolio entry to start with, click on a category won’t make it appear.


    Hi Devin, thanks, I had a break with working with my site. I have seen where to set the number of posts. I have this with 4 colums and 16 posts. But please look at my site If you click on the starting site at the line with the tags like all / corporate imaging /… on “Werbefotografie” you will find 3 entries.

    But when you click on Portfolio Menu > “Werbefotografie” you will find a lot more older entries. And these entries don`t appear when clicking on the start site tags. So I think there is a limitation of time how long the entries will apear at the featured tags. And I want to disable that… Thanks for help, ReiniF


    I think I got the core of the matter:

    After switched the field “Portfolio Post Number” to “all” , I now get all the posts in each portfolio category after clicking on the tag. When switching back the Portfolio Post Number to 8 (columns 4) there are only a limited number of entries in each portfolio category.

    For example :

    Settings: Portfolio Columns = 4

    Portfolio Post = 8

    Categories: A, B and C, totaly 12 items in Portfolio, different categorie combinations.

    Categorie “A”: 6 items, 4 displayed when clicking on “A”

    Categorie “B”: 5 items, 2 displayed when clicking on “B”

    Categorie “C”: 7 items, 3 displayed when clicking on “C”

    All items have more than one unique categorie.

    Next step:

    After switching Portfolio Post to ” All “

    every entry will be displayed, always.

    Problem: if you get a lot of entries this could be to much displayed entries on the site.

    Conclusion: So the discribed problem is not the date of entries, its the number of items which will be displayed in combination with categories they are tagged with.

    To solve the problem the number of displayed category items should work for each portfolio category seperate and not in combination with other categories, like it does apperantly at the moment.

    Hope that helps, I can work for the moment, but I think this is a bug which have to be solved for the next updates.

    Thanks, ReiniF


    Hi ReiniF,

    Unfortunately what you are describing is the way it is supposed to work and will most likely not be changed. What happens is, when you define the number of posts to be displayed that number is loaded into the page when a person visits the site. When you hit any of the sort options (categories) it can only ever sort what is currently visible on the page; selecting a category does not add new content to the page it only sorts what is currently visible.



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