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    Thanks for a great theme. However after updating to 3.4x the paging stopped working.

    You can see non working paging here:

    Seems a theme problem related to deprecated method of paging as described here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -setup?replies=4

    Kindly provide instructions how to fix, or update theme for 3.4 compatibility asap.

    Kind regards




    You’re using an outdated version of Display (version 1.1). Please update your theme to version 2.0.3 which is fully compatible with WP3.4.

    Best regards,



    Thanks Peter, but that didn’t help.

    I updated to most recent theme version 2.0.5, and that didn’t solve the problem – so it seems you are wrong?

    Others report these kinds of problems with custom themes after upgrading to 3.4, and it seems related to deprecated method of paging.

    Kindly consider reviewing the links in my first post, and provide instructions how to fix, or update for 3.4+ compatibility.

    Kind regards,



    Hi Torben,

    First try changing your permalinks to default and then testing pagiantion again.

    If it works, you probably need to re-do your .htaccess file. WordPress has a habit of messing it up and often just changing your permalinks to the default setting then back again with multiple saves will fix it.

    See: “Paged Navigation Doesn’t Work”.




    Thanks Devin, but I had already tried that – and just to be sure tried again to no avail.

    And surely the navigation behaves strangely. When in navigation bar clicking page digits following is displayed as url:

    But no matter how many times you click the forward button only this is displayed as url

    Note that navigation in archive or category works fine

    Any other Ideas? Would you consider to:

    – briefly take a look on the site and try for yourself

    – confirm that you actually have the theme running and paging working smoothly on wordpress 3.4

    Kind regards,



    Hey Torben,

    I took a look when I first answered and what you are describing is almost always associated with permalink issues. However, you can also try deactivating all active plugins in case there is a conflict with one and the pagination.

    Using Display 2.0.3 and WordPress 3.5 I’m not having any issues.

    Also double check that you have the blog page selected via the theme options and that in WordPress Settings>Reading the option is set to “Your latest posts”.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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