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    I have updated woocommerce and now the cart & price filter is not showing in the widget area but below the products.

    Or widget area is not anymore on the left side but at the bottom.


    Someone any idea?



    Please update your theme to version 1.5. This will fix the issue.

    Best regards,



    Ok that fixed the problem.

    Thanks Dude!



    How do i update a theme?



    Hi Ajb,

    Try to change your theme from Abundance to twentyeleven or twentyten theme. After switching the theme, kindly delete the Abundance theme, then upload the newer version of the Abundance theme. After the uploading of the new Abundance theme is complete, kindly switch it back the theme to Abundance. :)

    Note: Before executing the steps kindly backup your database just to make sure. And if you have some customizations in your Quick CSS or custom.css, kindly save it in a safe place.




    Or you can only update the files that has been changed. you can find that in the version.rtf

    Version 1.5:

    FIles that changed:

    Style.css – updated version number, added a fix for chrome 19 which let the sidebar flicker

    folder: framework – update to the latest version

    folder: config-woocommerce: Fixed several css glitches and added some fixes for woocommerce 1.6.1

    file: css/minimal-skin.css : fixed a small coloring issue with woocommerce comment numbers


    Ismael: Another silly question, but where do i find the newer version of the theme?

    Roy: where is the version.rtf located?

    Thanks again.


    You can download it from: http://themeforest.net/ – login and go to the download page. Search for the “Abundance Theme” item and hit the download button. version.rtf is part of the themeforest zip file which contains the psd files, the changelog (called version.rtf), the documentation folder and the compressed theme files.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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