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    Hi, I recently installed your theme coherence. It’s great, and especially I needed to install a multilingual website, Spanish (main language) and English.

    The problem is that the contact page load form in Spanish but not English page loads the form.

    within Worpress “CoherenceTheme Options” appears only in Spanish. It appears the English version. And in the Spanish version, in the “contact” you associate “Contact Form Page” with a single page, Spanish default page.

    Should not exist within Worpress “CoherenceTheme Options” English version? And that associate to form the contact page English

    What is the problem? How do you fix it?

    I have installed version 3.5 wordpress and version 2.4.2 WPML

    I saw on the forum that newer versions of WPML are giving problems.

    I hope your answer, thanks


    Hey! In your backend, did you try to switch the language to english and then set the option there?

    Coherence has great flexibility with WPML but you need to set every option for every language. So if you need an english contact form you first need to create a page translation of your spanish contact page and then apply the contact form by switching to english in your backend and set the contact option


    Sorry, there is a contact page in Spanish and one in English page. But the English page does not load the contact form. Only the Spanish page loads the form. In the backend “coherence theme options” only shows options in Spanish.

    I select the contact page in “contact form page”, if the form is displayed on the page in Spanish but not in English page

    Should not there in the backend “coherence theme options” in English?

    I can send you some pictures me to you by email? and so you can see it better



    Hey! you simply need to use the WPML language switcher in your backend (located in the top admin bar) to switch to the english version of the option panel.




    You not going to believe you, but I was going crazy, every time I click on options coherence to English version, it automatically switched to Spanish version, … impossible to understand, … but when you have enabled options coherence in Spanish and you do click in the top admin bar to switch to the english version, so if it keeps the English version of coherence options ….. There really is a small error functionality, hard to understand, but it works if instead of clicking directly in theme options, you do in the top admin, ….

    Now everything works

    thanks for your response and your speed, you have done a great theme



    Glad it is working now. :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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