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    Hi .. Thanks for the great theme.. I have just a small issue at present which is that the gallery images in normal page is opening as a blog post when clicked on rather than a gallery lightbox. sure there is a simple explanation for this..




    Hi Stuart,

    It sounds like you have the image set to link to its attachment page rather than to the image itself. Try inserting an image into the visual editor and when you have the options on the right hand side of the media window, use the dropdown option for Link and change it from Attachment page to the actual image file location.




    I have the same problem. Everything seems to be in the right folders in terms of the .js

    Lightbox is working fine on product pages but not on the individual photo posts:

    The gallery settings are telling it to link to the file location.


    Hi scrimshire,

    Your site is behind a login so I can’t see it but generally the lightbox is only able to open when the image is linked to itself. So when you insert an image into a page, it should link to the image and not to the attachment page.

    In the slideshow options you will also need to select Lightbox option for the Apply Link to this Image dropdown for each individual image:


    In the above image it shows Link to this Post but you can change that option to Lightbox.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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