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    I believe I followed directions correctly when installing menu tabs, but I can’t link to the pages that they are supposed to go to, except the last two on the second row. I read a few answers regarding this problem and tried to fix, but they are still not linking. I am less that 50% on understanding PHP that is why I buy themes. If you could assist me I would really appreciate it!!

    Thank you!



    I tried to visit your site, but I always get an error. (server not found). I followed you link (

    The Dude


    @jodymoney: Really weird – the source shows the correct links though I can see that the clicked link goes back to the homepage.

    1.) Which theme files have you edited?

    2.) Have you changed anything in the custom.js file?

    3.) Which plugins do you have active? Try disabling them all to see if this solves the problem, if it does activate one by one until your links break.

    @dude: works though :)


    Maybe it’s a problem with the permalinks (htacess file, etc.)

    The Dude


    I changed the style sheet so that I can put a really large header/logo and this seems to be the problem. I erased my logo and the links work except where the logo lines up. Is there any way to fix this I really like the way the large logo looked? Thanks!!



    I am not from support but I recall something that happened to me when I changed my logo sometime ago.

    I guess your logo is in a layer over the menu.

    So, when you click the menu you are actually clicking the logo image that links to your root.

    You should design your logo so taht it fits the area above the menu or try some z-index workaround.

    Hope it helps, If not, sorry for adding noise.



    Dinis- I’m going to try to re size the logo. I wish I knew what a z-index was. Thank you for taking the time to help me!! Does support have any other suggestions? Thank you!




    You are my hero! I goggled z-index and fixed that- learned something and fixed my logo. LOVE YOU!!! THANK YOU!!



    Glad it helped.



    Glad this was fixed, it makes sense now if the logo was covering the tabs area.

    Marking as solved and closing topic, if you need further help or have any questions please open a new one.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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