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    Hi guys just looking at my source code and noticed a meta noindex, nofollow tag underneath the <scripts> in the <head>.

    It appears just under the <scripts>….here…..

    <!– scripts –>

    <!– Internet Explorer 6 PNG Transparency Fix for all elements with class ‘ie6fix’ –>

    <!–[if IE 6]>

    <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’’></script>


    <style>#footer ul li a, .sidebar ul li a {zoom:1;} #head #searchform, #head #searchform div {position:static;}



    <meta name=’robots’ content=’noindex,nofollow’ />

    I already have an index, follow tag in the header with the All in One SEO plugin.

    How do I get rid of this tag? Or do I need to leave it in? I think it could be confusing google.



    actually i think it was a plugin i was using.

    no probs!


    I’m glad you figured it out =]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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