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    I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Perhaps I am more WordPress illiterate than I thought or I just don’t understand how the theme works. I am trying to test the image slider on the main page just to see if it can work.

    I create a post and insert my images into the post, then I select a category for that particular post. Afterwards I go to the Mainpage options and under “starting page image slider” I select that category and boom! nothing! I am running wordpress 3.2.1 and what should be the latest version of the theme I purchased it earlier today.

    Also I don’t wish to use my site as a blog what so ever, strictly business. How do I use pages instead of posts so I don’t have that blog feel to it? I read the PDF that came with the theme, but found it a bit lacking in detailed information for the newbie. I have no plug ins installed and am using firefox.



    it seems like the slider works now. The standard image size is 940x350px. You can create a custom main menu (Appearance > Menu) – just add the pages you’d like to use for your business website and ignore the blog page/post. Maybe you’d like to use it as news section one day.


    Hey I realized what I was doing wrong I was trying to put all the images I wanted to use on one post by using the “insert function” native to wordpress. It wasn’t clear to me how to add images to the slider until I realized it’s 1 image per post and the link has to be added to the twicet extended options in the bottom. Thanks for your reply, great theme.


    Glad that you found the solution :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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