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    Hey all,

    Hopefully someone can shed some light on to my problem. Please bare with me as I outline exactly what I do, and what is not working.

    In WP-Admin I goto Template Builder.

    – Create a new template.

    – I then add various elements to the template.

    – Save all changes.

    In WP-Admin I goto Pages -> Add New Page.

    – Under Page Attributes:

    — Parent: (no parent)

    — Template: Default Template

    — Order: 0

    Under Layout, I select “Dynamic Template”, and then select the name of the template that I’ve created under the Template Builder.

    Now under WP-Admin -> Theme Options -> Sidebar -> I select the PAGE I want to add a side bar to, then click Save All Changes.

    Now under WP-Admin -> Appearance -> Widgets …

    – On the right side of the page, I see “Page: Home” ..which is the page that I’ve created a Dynamic Template with, and given a side bar under theme options. I drag a widget over to this, refresh my page and no side bar appears.

    I thought perhaps it was a caching problem, so I tried with multiple browsers, and from multiple computers. I have also tried disabling all of my plugins and tried again with different browsers. Still no dice. :(

    http://michiganrecycledstone.com/home-2 – is suppose to have a sidebar. :


    I feel so dense.

    At the top of the Dynamic Template editor, it asks for ‘Page Layout’ style.. you know, where you can select a sidebar or not. Sigh.

    Sorry for the worthless post, maybe it will help someone out though! :D

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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