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    Propulsion home page is not showing on mobile devices. It flickers and it seems that is going to render the page, and it goes blank. It continues to flicker randomly showing portions of the page, and goes blank again.

    Also, the Contact page is showing a blank page. The rest of the website pages show a responsive sized page without problems.

    There are just 3 plugins on the site, I already tried deactivating and even deleting them. Did not work.

    In searching for a fix, I found something weird: if I edit a page that is working fine, and set it to No sidebar, the page goes blank on mobile devices. If I go back to Default sidebar, it shows back up again. And that’s what both Home and Contact pages have in common: both are set no No Sidebar.

    Please help, I need to fix this asap, as you can imagine the client is not very happy.

    Thank you,



    Hi danielsami!

    We’ll need to see the site live so we can take a look at the issue first hand.


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    Try removing the google translate snippet and see if that helps. I wasn’t able to reproduce it on my end and nothing else really seems out of place that might trigger something like that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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