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    after I updated woocommerce there are no product displayed on frontpage!?

    Settings on Abundance > Themebuilder > Frontpage > Products are correct. I already removed it and did it new, but no success!?

    “There are no products that match your selection.”

    What can I do?



    there are still some hickups with the new woocommerce version.

    Not suitable for a production site with many products, but quickfix that helped me on my testserver: edit and re-save every product, then they show up again. Quick-edit will not do, you need to “edit”.

    Hope the remaining glitches get sorted out during the next days so we can start building production sites with Abundance and WooC 1.4.x




    This does not fix the problem for my site…I just saw you said EVERY product, man that will take forever….any idea when a fix is coming??


    search for 1.4 here on the forums and read the threads, the problem has been discussed a lot already – as far as I have understood most problems have been fixed and Kriesi is working on the rest, so we can expect to have this solved “soon” ;-) But then again I am just a user as you are, so lets wait what staff have to say about it and when the update shows up.

    P.S.: as I said, the quickfix is not suitable for a life site for obvious reasons. On the test server I have 5 or 6 products, so it was no prob there to re-save them, which seems to re-initialize them in the database, so the new woocommerce versions “sees” them…


    Well I just tried that and it did not fix the problem sadly….


    Do you use the latest version of Abundance? It fixes various bugs with WooCommerce 1.4.x. The latest version is 1.2.1 and you can get it from

    PS: As far as I know there’s a “bulk edit” feature which can help you to edit/save several posts at once.


    Many thanks for your help! You’re right, it was the update! I’m new on WP and didn’t notice the update, I assumed it will be displayed on the update page.. it wasn’t.

    Now all works fine, thanks!


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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