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    I can usually find what I need in the forum or figure out how to do what I need to by learning more about your themes. I use them often. But this one has me vexed and I don’t know enough about WordPress or HTML to fix it myself.

    I have Flashlight. Love it. I have the Blog page selected in the Flashlight settings, and the Blog is working perfectly. But I would like to add another blog page and limit the posts that are shown on the page to only a specific category. I have done this before with other Kriesi themes. And I usually see a page template option on the right side of the Edit Page screen. There is no template option appearing in Flashlight. The only options I can find to change the templates of the pages arena the Flashlight settings menus. And I don’t see where I can add another Blog page or limit the categories displayed.

    Any help GREATLY appreciated.


    Hi Tony!

    There should be a template builder in Dashboard > Flashlight > Template Builder where you can create another template for a blog page and then select to use that when editing one of your pages.

    Make sure your using the latest version of Flashlight, 3.1, and deactivate all plugins while testing.

    If your still having trouble then send us a WordPress login and we’ll take a closer look.

    Best regards,


    Thanks for the response!

    That is sort of what I was expecting and used to. But the flashlight theme does not have a “template builder” option in the dashboard.

    And the “edit page” screen doesn’t have a template selector drop down either.

    I’ll add login info below….

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    Sorry, I was confused. You can switch to the “Visual” editor when editing your page though and in the WYSIWYG you’ll see a button that looks like a wand. If you click this you can insert the latest posts widget into your page content and select a category to display posts from.



    That’s it, perfect! Thank you so much for your direction.

    One last question: I see I can limit the posts up to 100. If I wanted to show all posts from that specific category will it automatically paginate or do I need to do that manually by modifying the code?

    I found the option in Dashboard for the Blog page, to limit posts per page by chosen dropdown number. But this only effects the actual blog page, not the recent posts widget placed on any other page. Any advice to add pagination to a page that I am using as a blog per your above instructions?

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    Sorry, there is no pagination for it currently.



    Where can I find the Avia NewsBox code so that I may tinker with adding pagination to the “Latest Posts” widget on the page?



    You can find it in /flashlight/framework/php/class-framework-widgets.php.


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