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    I have the weirdest thing going on. I have placed an image inside a post and even though the link to the image is correct it won’t show up inside the post.

    I have tried it with an old installation of wordpress, a new install of wordpress and even with a local installation of wordpress and in every theme the image does show except in this theme.

    When I mouse over the location where the image should appear (only the white center background is shown) I can see that the ‘ghost’image points towards the correct location but it just doesn’t show itself even though the image is on the server in THAT location.

    Feel free to have a look


    Well this is some really strange behaviour. The image does seem to appear when I add text ABOVE the image. Why would it make any difference if there is text above the image or not, to have an image appear?

    When there is no text or text below the image it won’t appear. What’s going on?


    I removed all classes – try this code here: it works on my test server:

    <a href=""><img title="ttt" src="" alt="" width="300" height="137" /></a>

    If it works for you one of the classes causes the problem.



    This also doesn’t work. It only works when there is text above the image but as soon as there is no text or text below the image the image again disappears.


    I still can’t get any image to appear when there is no text or before the text in a post. I have tried creating a new database and reinstalling WP but to no avail.

    Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me?

    Would anyone know a solution to this peculiar problem?

    Is it a problem with Newscast?




    Do you have any plugins installed? I tried your image code on my test server and it works with newscast.


    Besides the two plugins that come standard with WP; Akismet and Hello Dolly which are both not activated I have the Add LightBox & Title plugin installed which is also not activated.

    I have now deleted the three plugins (through the admin panel) to see if it makes any difference and still no image.

    Isn’t that weird!


    I created a new database, did a new and fresh install of WordPress (that’s the third time), downloaded newscast again from envato and uploaded it to the themes folder.

    Created by hand the uploads folder in wp-content (weird that this still in’t done automatically) gave it a 777 chmod setting.

    Result. Still no image when using this code:

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="ttt" /></a>

    or when using the code you provided:

    <a href=""><img title="ttt" src="" alt="" /></a>

    I am now totally lost:-) :-(


    I also created a new local database (also the third one), installed a fresh WP version, moved the freshly downloaded newscast theme to the themes folder and activated it. The uploads folder was created by WP itself, but again no image inside a post where there is either no text at all, or where the text is below the image when using either my code or your code.

    No problems in any other theme only in newscast.


    The plot thickens:-).

    It all seems to work perfectly on my Opera 10, Chrome 7, IE8 and Safari 5 for Windows.

    The problem only seems to happen on Firefox 3.

    I tested it in the Adobe browserlab and asked folks to test it on their FF and it seems that there is indeed a problem in Firefox 2, 3 and 3.6 on Windows and OS X with this theme. All other browsers of the Adobe browserlab show the image fine.

    Kriesi will need to address this problem because at the moment his list of compatible browsers on Envato is not correct!


    I am bumping this post mainly because of this fact:

    >>Kriesi will need to address this problem because at the moment his list of compatible browsers on Envato is not correct!<<

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