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    Hello, on my site – (using abundance) when the browser window is smaller than the width of the page, the side is cut off and no scroll bar appears to move over to see what is on the side. I tried to remove overflow-x: hidden; but that cause some funky issues on the side with the background color bleeding over onto the page. Any ideas?


    Hi awakeningthedivine,

    Sorry for the delay in responding.

    Removing overflow-x from the body is exactly what you need to do. Using Firebug (for Firefox) I did this as a test and didn’t see the issue with the background color. Can you remove overflow-x again then let us know that way we can see the problem live? It’s possible we just need to adjust another snippet of CSS to fix the bleed you’re talking about.




    Thanks for checking it out!

    You have to shrink your browser window down to under 1000pixels wide and scroll all the way over to the sideto see the problem. I removed the code from the template so now it should be doing it. Thanks for any help!


    Hm, i realized it was purple showing up, so I turned that off to white in the template settings, so now that looks ok, there isn’t a purple bleed over. but there is a grey line that appears when you shrink the window and scroll over. thanks for the help!



    I believe this should remove the grey line that appears. Just add to your custom.css.

    #wrap_all {




    That did the trick. Thank ‘s for the help!



    Glad that Mya could help you :)




    Hi awakening,

    I just want to ask if this problem has been resolved?




    Hi Ismael,

    It was. We just forgot to close out the thread and mark as resolved.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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