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    I have Ninja forms installed on my website with the Conditionals plugin. After some recent updates the conditionals began malfunctioning. I asked Ninja support and they said, “The problem is that your theme is including a JS file that has an error. Unfortunately, when there is one major JS error on a page, all JS scripts can become unresponsive. I tested by changing your theme to Twenty Thirteen and back again. If you load up your form in Chrome or FireFox, you can look at the error console for more information.”
    I can’t code, JS. Help!
    See the unresponsive form here: (scroll down and click More Info, it’s under “Find The Right Seat”)

    Thank you.


    Hey Rebekah!

    1) Chrome reports any syntax error because of following code

    Make sure that the border-width value is valid and not eeeeee.

    2) We’re not aware of a javascript error in our theme code but I noticed you customized some code parts of the theme. Please make a backup of the files and upload the latest version of the theme (you can download the original theme files from Then you can try the forms again and if they work you can try to re-apply your changes to find the culprit (=customized code which breaks the forms).



    Hi Peter,
    I pulled out all non-essential code and re-installed the theme. No dice.
    Any other ideas?



    Not sure what causes the issue. I can’t find a js error in the theme files and Chrome shows two error messages which are not related to the theme

    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < (line 559)

    On line 559 I see

     <script>function pop_print(){,'Print_Page','scrollbars=yes');w.document.write(jQuery('div#main').html());w.document.close();w.print();}</script>

    which is also not part of the theme code…



    The only thing I can think of that that might relate to is a print plugin I am using. I deactivated it but that didn’t help.
    The strange thing is that this was working until it updated. Then stopped. Naturally I thought it was the pluggin, but they can’t find anything wrong and when I switch my theme to something else, the Ninja form works!

    Do you have more suggestions for what I can try?



    Now the “Unexpected token” error disappeared but I get a new error

    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 504 (Gateway Time-out)



    The guys at Ninja Forms took another look at it and send me this:
    Hey Rebekah,
    I think I have found the problem. Actually, it turns out to be two problems. The first is that your Contact Us widget had some bad JS in it. I took that out, and that led me to my second discovery.
    The next issue is that your list items have single and double quotes. That’s causing an issue when they are encoded for output on the front-end.
    I’m working on a fix now, but if you give each of those items a “value” using the “Show Option Values” button that doesn’t involve the quotes or double quotes, it should work for you.
    I’m still waiting for a fix, but the thing is I don’t have a contact form plugin, I was using the Abundance Contact Page. If there is a JS error in the contact page, you may want to look into that.



    Can you give us more details about the JS error please? I checked the theme js file: and I couldn’t find a js error or manipulated code. No other user reported a js error so far and if someone claims our code is broken it would be nice to get more details…

    Best regards,


    I don’t have any details. If you want I could give you a temp login to my site if you want to poke around.

    Because Ninja forms works if I change it to a different theme – Can I create a page template for wordpress to apply to one page which would host my Ninja forms, free from Abundance code interfering?

    So far, I made a Template that gives me this:
    But the form still doesn’t work.
    Code for my Template below:

    Template Name: Form Theme
    <div class=’container_wrap <?php echo $avia_config[‘layout’]; ?>’ id=’main’>
    <div class=’container’>
    <?php avia_title(); ?>
    <div class=’template-page content’>
    /* Run the loop to output the posts.
    * If you want to overload this in a child theme then include a file
    * called loop-page.php and that will be used instead.
    $avia_config[‘size’] = ‘page’;
    get_template_part( ‘includes/loop’, ‘page’ );
    <!–end content–>
    </div><!–end container–>



    A custom page template will not solve the issue because the theme js scripts (avia.js and woocommerce-mod.js) will always load because the theme needs the js code (for the menu animations, image lightbox, etc.). I can look into it but I can’t promise that I will find a fix especially because I can’t spend a lot of time on this issue (third party plugin incompatibilities are beyond the scope of our support forum). Please post the login credentials as private reply.




    Btw you can use Formidable instead of Ninja Forms – it works just fine with our themes and also support conditional forms.

    Best regards,

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    I couldn’t find a JS error and I’m not sure why it’s not working. In fact the form even doesn’t work when I switch the theme to TwentyThirteen. I switched the theme and opened in a new tab and the dropdowns still didn’t trigger any conditional logic. You can select a value with each dropdown but nothing happens….



    Well thanks for looking at it. The forms on Recliners didn’t work because there are no conditionals programed into those forms yet. If you want a good test try the Chairs page.

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