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    Hi, I really liked the theme but I’m strugling with a sub page menu in the sidebar.

    I used a widget called “Sub Pages” and it includes my sub pages just where I want them. I also made a small “hack” in the css-file adding “widget_sub_page_navigation” as below:

    /*Archive, Cat, Page widget*/

    .widget_sub_page_navigation li , .widget_archive li , .widget_categories li, .widget_pages li, .widget_links li, .widget_meta li{

    clear: both;

    float: left;

    margin: 0;



    .widget_sub_page_navigation li a , .widget_archive li a, .widget_categories li a, .widget_pages li a, .widget_links li a, .widget_meta li a{

    padding: 3px 0 3px 23px;



    But it doesn’t turn out as I expected :/

    Look at:

    Compare the two menu blocks in the sidebar, the first one (my sub page menu) doesn’t show that blue little arrow next to the list items?

    Please help me! :)

    Bonus question:

    I really would like for the sub page menu to handle many “levels” of sub pages and displaying them nicely in the sidebar. As I understand now the many levels of sub pages would just be displayed as if they were at “level 1” (if you know what I mean?) :)

    Appreciate the help!




    did you try the menu manager under Appearance > Menu? You can create as many menus as you like. Then go to the widgets section and select the “Custom Menu” widget. Afterwards choose which menu should be displayed by the widget.


    Thanks “Dude” for a quick reply.

    Tried your proposal (see: but that menu didn’t work at all (as you can se :)).

    And even if it would have worked, visualy so to speak, it wouldn’t work in practice since I will have many pages with different sub menues. And if I put the “Custom Menu” in the “Sidebar Pages-widget area” I can only use one sub menu for all pages. Right?

    The Sub Pages-widget i use works as I want, it’s just design wise I’m struggling :)

    Any suggestions on how to fix that?



    No one?


    Maybe the theme has been updated, but the menu section of my admin interface says it only supports a single menu. Is this no longer the case?

    As for sub-menus, I have a convoluted solution that I’m certain could be made better, but is working for now. I’m pretty amateur at php and WP Codex but here’s what I’m doing:

    1) Using the Widget Logic plugin (mentioned somewhere else on this forum) you can use php and WordPress conditional tags to return true on the page(s) you want a widget to display on. So something like:

    is_page( array( 354, 404, 400, 402))

    returns true for those page IDs.

    2) The PHP Text Widget plug-in lets you put php straight into the widget text field. The WordPress function wp_list_pages will spit out an unordered list for the argument pages.

    <ul><?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order&include=354,404,400,402&title_li='); ?></ul>

    3) That function automatically assigns an active class to an


    that contains a link to the current page so styling is easy.

    Like I said, there’s a better way, quicker and cleaner to do this. Maybe edit the theme files directly or make a child theme? You definitely shouldn’t have to list all the pages. It should be dynamic. I messed around with it a while but couldn’t get anything better working. Tips/ hints would be appreciated.

    ** Modified by James to correct code as it broke site layout…



    The Widget Logic plugin in combination with the PHP Text Widget plugins would be the easiest way to show a sub menu only on specific pages, you can see the list of Conditional Tags in the WordPress Codex. This would give you absolute control over what is displayed where.

    Alternatively you can set up a conditional bit of code which will only list sub pages on an active parent page – have a look at this tutorial to get you started: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -pages-in-sidebar/


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